Punk'd (Season 9) | Ep. 7 | Online Exclusive Scenes (Chloë Grace Moretz)


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Chloe Moretz might only be 14, but even she remembers the punk-heard-round-the-world. Yes, yes, we're talking about when pop star Justin Timberlake completely broke down at the thought of his back-taxed house being put up for public auction. And since Chloe's adorable gullibility was a definite throwback to J. Tim's own naivete, guest host Dax Shepard has officially declared her the pop star's second coming. Uhhh, guess she should say thanks?

Chloe catches a breath in this bonus scene of tonight's "Punk'd" episode and starts to sort through her memories of the prank. She mentions that the performances were convincing, but she should have known the driver's multiple conversations with his fake-wife, which were sliiiiightly unprofessional, were staged. The actress maintains a solid game face until she stumbles upon the control booth--where all of her shocked reactions were documented--and finally submits to shame. "Noooooo, that's so embarrassing!" she says. And that, friends, is the sound of success.
Punk'd Pranks

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